It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It seems that every year the Christmas displays and decorations come out a little earlier – usually right after Halloween is over. Thanksgiving doesn’t stand a chance!

As a child, I spent the months leading up to Christmas creating my perfect wish list. I was so excited to find out what I was getting that I would sneak around the house when I thought my parents weren’t looking trying to find where they had hidden them. As the years went by, I got better at finding my presents – the trunk of the car, the top shelf of their bedroom closet, on top of the entertainment center. I would always end up a little disappointed when I did find them. A little bit of the magic of Christmas was snuffed out, not because I didn’t get what I wanted, but because I had ruined the surprise. A big part of what makes Christmas so special is the anticipation and excitement of finding out just what’s under the tree. This year, make sure your children won’t find their gifts before Christmas morning by using the best hiding place of all – a Christmas storage unit!

Aside from hiding the presents from your children’s prying eyes, using a storage unit also saves space and prevents clutter from gathering around your home. You can drop the gifts off at the storage unit before heading home and, if there’s enough space there, you could even wrap them there. Outsmart your kids, and surprise everyone by using a Christmas storage unit this year!

With Discount Mini Storage, you’ll be able to affordably hide your Christmas gifts in a secure, Temperature-controlled location that you’ll have convenient access to every day. Please contact us to see what we have available for you this holiday season!

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